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Organic Farming

Organic Farming- Our Approach:

The most valuable thing we have and need for living our life is the Earth itself as well as an unspoiled environment. The understanding how to live in harmony with nature is actually an essential basis for our lasting survival. A healthy soil provides us with foods, which give us strength, taste good, and which we can harvest again and again – without wearing out the soil. Along with nature rather than against it: this is the secret of sustainable, organic farming.


Biologische Landwirtschaft Schorn's Mischkultur Roggen und Winterwicke

Biologische Landwirtschaft Schorn's Biomais mit Buchweizen

Biologische Landwirtschaft Schorn's Bio Mais






Nature sets an Example for our Organic Farm

Mulch drilling and Verdun Manure Plants

Covered soil cultivation all the year round protects and conserves the soil.

Mixed Crops
Several plants are cultivated in one field. So the crop protection follows the example auf nature. On the pictures left on the top you can see mixed crops being composed out of rye and winter vetch. Next to it there you can see maize along with buckwheat.

Natural Fertilisation
Crop rotation with legumes and compost cultivation.

This approach stands for growing medical- and aromatic plants, bread grain, maize and sunflowers on our fields. Our Organic – Maize is processed directly on the farm. Within our in-house production, which is also organic certified, the following goods are produced: kukuruz bio corn snack.

Since 1990 our farm is organic certified. In those days we were the first organic certified business in our district. We solely work GMO-free.




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