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Kukuruz Bio-Corn-Snack

Kukuruz Bio Corn Snack: 100% Organic Quality made in Austria

Our recent products made in our in-house production – a trendy Bio-Snack Innovation: local, organic und vegan – scaled back to the essentials, pure flavour.


Kukuruz Bio Corn Snack; Schorns kukuruz biomaissnack Knoblauch

Kukuruz Bio Corn Snack; Schorns kukuruz biomaissnack Salz

Kukuruz Bio Corn Snack; Schorns kukuruz der biomaissnack chilli


NAME: kukuruz der biomaissnack

By the way: you are the ones, who have chosen the name! At the beginning of 2016 we did an online survey and „KUKURUZ“ was your definite favourite 🙂 Kukuruz is a traditional name for corn in Austria.

ORIGIN: out of the region Velm next to Himberg / Vienna in Lower Austria

From the cultivation through processing up to the production – a local history that starts on our fields and perfectly ends at our organic certified farm in Velm next to Himberg and close to Vienna.

FLAVOURS: Salt, Garlic and as of now NEW: Chilli

That’s what we start with. We are already working on additional trendy flavours!
Any ideas? Send me an email! Or give me a call: +43 664 22 600 93


Where else to find our kukuruz biomaissnack in the future?
We will keep you posted!


Pure Taste:
Our kukuruz biomaissnack does not need any food additives.
It is lactose-free, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free.

Maize, sunflower oil and garlic from Austrian organic farming, salt.
Learn more about our used ingredients – here.