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Hannes Schorn – The Pannonian Organic Farmer


Hannes Schorn Organic Farmer from the Pannonicum

“You are interested in locally grown organic products? Me too. Since more than 25 years. I am an organic farmer, located in the Pannonikum – the sunny side of Austria, between Vienna and the Neudsiedlersee.

My supreme premiss is to consciously discharge creational responsibility. Therefor implemented sustainability is our daily job – in harmony with nature:

We make sure to keep our arable soils coated the whole year round – to protect the soil. Nature sets a perfect example. Furthermore we cultivate mixed crops for many years by now. So we utilize the mutually shields of the crops. We use compost cultivation as fertilisers as well as fruit rotation featuring leguminous crops.

In doing so, all the medical- and aromatic plants, bread grains, maize and sunflowers flourish. Along with our farm-based production we generate organic products of highest quality: a delight for body and soul!“

Hannes Schorn –
Your Organic Farmer from the Pannonicum






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