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Organic Products – from our Organic Certified In-House Production

At present, we produce a healthy snack out of our organic-maize in the form of maize rolls – our kukuruz bio corn snack.


From the Plant to the Finished Product:








Bioprodukte Schorn's Produktion biozertifiziert

Bioprodukte Schorn Maisgries

Organic Products Bio Produkte Schorn's Biomaissnack

Bio Corn Snack Schorn's kukuruz biomaissnack






…this ist how our kukuruz bio corn snack is produced:


In March the farmer harnesses his horse …
This old folk song from the 19. Century describes in many details how the first rays of sun start to warm up the soil in the beginning of March and how the arable soils are carefully prepared for the seeding:

He ploughs the soil, he harrows and sows …
The soil is loosened so that the seeds can be seeded. Depending on the weather conditions, this procedure mostly goes on in April. According to the weather it will take 1-2 weeks until the first seedlings appear.

While working spring goes by, the farmer is able to harvest …
It takes approx. 5-6- months from the young plant until the harvest; let‘s say between Aprils until September/October. In autumn we start our harvester to gather the ripe maize.

In winter it is time for the feast …
Before starting the feast it is time to grind the maize grains to maize semolina. During the first step of production the maize rolls are made out of this semolina. Afterwards the maize rolls are refined with the additional ingredients. During the final production step the maize rolls are filled up.


Our kukuruz bio  corn snack is GMO-free and vegan.
Our farm and our production line are organic- certified.